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Spanish and Portuguese Relativity Meetings (EREP)

Lorenzo Fatibene
Lorenzo Fatibene
2022 Spanish and Portuguese Relativity Meetings (EREP)
Salamanca (Spain) August 29th to September 2nd.

The Spanish-Portuguese Relativity Meetings are annual conferences on broad
aspects of General Relativity and Gravitation that date back to 1977. They
are organized on an annual basis by one of the different groups doing
research on Relativity and Gravitation in Portugal and Spain. This year we
will celebrate the 100 years of the Friedman equations, obtained by
Alexander Friedman in 1922.

Registration and abstract submission for this year event are now open. All
the information can be found at the conference webpage

*Registration deadline is on June 30th
*and there is a 210 euros (180 for SEGRE members) participation fee.
A limited amount of grants for students will be available.
*Abstract submission deadline is on June 15th.