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GR Centennial 2015

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Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks to those of you who attended the National Organizations Reception at GR20. Thirteen national organizations were represented and I believe that the event was a success. We plan to hold a similar event at

GR21 in New York City in 2016.

Meanwhile, we would like to work with you to celebrate the centennial of General Relativity in 2015.  Based on the fact that Einstein delivered his final lecture introducing GR on 25 November 1915, we plan to use 25 November 2015 itself as the "centennial day."

If your organization or any other group in your country plans to hold an event related to the GR centennial (no matter the actual date), we would be happy to provide a link to the event's website on our website and also to provide ISGRG's endorsement of the event if you would find that helpful.

We would also circulate any ideas you might have for centennial events or activities to all the national organizations as well as to the ISGRG International Committee. Please let us know how we might help.

Best regards,


Beverly K. Berger

Secretary, ISGRG

P.S. You will hear from me again on 1 November or so with an announcement for the 2014 IUPAP General Relativity and Gravitation Young Scientist Prize. Your distribution of last year's announcement was very helpful in attracting an outstanding pool of candidates.