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Activities of ISGRG for 100 years of relativity

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Dear Colleague:

I am writing to urge you to join the International Society on General
Relativity and Gravitation (ISGRG). As you know, 2015 marks the 100th
anniversary of Einstein's discovery of general relativity. As we approach
this historic occasion, we are launching a  Centennial Membership Drive.
By joining, you will help us support research in gravitational physics.

ISGRG is involved in many activities, including running the triennial GRn
conferences,  sponsoring the `Hyperspace@aei' website which displays
useful information for researchers in our field, publishing a journal, and
representing the gravitational physics community in the International
Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The Society also awards prizes
including the annual Young Scientist Prize and two triennial prizes: the
Ehlers thesis prize for classical general relativity and the
Bergmann-Wheeler thesis prize for quantum gravity.

In honor of the centennial, ISGRG is preparing a book entitled: "General
Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective" to be published by
Cambridge University Press early in 2015.  Members can pre-order this book
at half price.

The main reason for joining ISGRG is to support our efforts to promote
research in gravitational physics, but there are practical benefits as
well. In addition to receiving 50% off the above book, these include:

1) Members receive 20% discounts on books at Cambridge University Press,
Springer, and World Scientific.

2) World Scientific is planning to publish a series of monographs on all
aspects of general relativity between 2014 and 2016. ISGRG members will
receive a 50% discount on any volume in this series if they pre-order.

3) Members receive discounted registration at the triennial GRn meetings.

4) Members receive discounted subscription to the GRG journal.

The annual dues are only $35/year, $95 for three years, and life
memberships are available for $420. Student memberships are available for
only $10.  Further information is available on  our website:


Gary Horowitz, President

International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation